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CSW Broadband Newsletter November 2019

Open Letter to Norton Lindsey from WDC Councillor Alan Rhead

At the last Norton Lindsay Parish Council meeting I set out that the environment and climate change was at the forefront of the District’s Conservative administration’s business strategy.

In empathy with that theme, and as the Portfolio holder for Business & Environment, I wanted to encourage Parish and Town Councils to consider how their own communities could contribute to this important challenge.

In June 2019 a ‘Climate Emergency’ motion was unanimously agreed at Warwick District’s Full Council. The motion called on the Council to:

I gave as a good example what the community of Barford had organised with their ‘BAR Zero’ organisation which is a forum for local action in Barford.  On the agreement of the Parish Council I have made enquiries to see if the BAR Zero presentation can be made available for a similar presentation in the Norton Lindsey Village Hall.

Below are some photographs from the BAR Zero presentation:

So that members of the Norton Lindsey Community can be aware of the kinds of actions that can be undertaken I set out what the District has done over the last few years in respect of addressing climate change.

 The Future Plans include:

Councillor Alan Rhead
Portfolio Holder for Business & Environment

Did you know that fibre broadband may be available to you already?

CSW Broadband has already completed these upgrades to communities within Norton Lindsey parish:

Cabinet / Structure:              Area served by upgrade:

Claverdon 1 Parts of Norton Lindsey area – including properties within the CV35 8DL, CV35 8JA, CV35 8JB, CV35 8JD, CV35 8JE, CV35 8JF, CV35 8JH, CV35 8JJ, CV35 8JL, CV35 8JN, CV35 8JP, CV35 8JQ, CV35 8JR, CV35 8JS, CV35 8JU, CV35 8JX & CV35 8JZ postcodes.
Claverdon PV39 FTTP Parts of Norton Lindsey area – including properties within the CV35 8JR, CV35 8JT, CV35 8JY, CV35 8PQ & CV35 8RA postcodes.
Claverdon PV45 FTTP Parts of Norton Lindsey area – including properties within the CV35 8JA & CV35 8JN postcodes.
Snitterfield PV37 FTTP Parts of Norton Lindsey area – including properties in the CV35 8JJ & CV35 8JQ postcodes.

 To find out if you can get fibre broadband:

  1. Enter your landline number or address into the BT Broadband Availability Checker.

If fibre is available, either ‘VDSL Range A & B’ or ‘WBC FTTP’ will be listed in the ‘Featured Products’ column of the results table along with the speeds you are likely to achieve.

Our How to use the BT Broadband Availability Checker web page will help you make sense of the Availability Checker results.

  1. Remember, that if fibre is available, you will need to order the improved service to benefit from it. Use a comparison site such as:, Broadbandchoices, Broadband Genie or to find / order a broadband package that meets your needs.

 What are the benefits?

Having access to faster broadband allows you to:

Please Note: Not every property connected to an upgraded FTTC cabinet is guaranteed to benefit due to some properties’ distances from the cabinet and/or the quality of copper connections.

Fibre broadband not available yet?

Register here to receive updates about future developments that may affect you.

Your refuse and recycling collections will change over Christmas

There will be no refuse or recycling collections on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day. All collections will be affected by the following changes:

 Normal collection date New collection date over Christmas
Mon 23 Dec 2019 Sat 21 Dec 2019
Tue 24 Dec 2019 Mon 23 Dec 2019
Wed 25 Dec 2019 Tue 24 Dec 2019
Thurs 26 Dec 2019 Fri 27 Dec 2019
Fri 27 Dec 2019 Sat 28 Dec 2019
Mon 30 Dec 2019 No change
Tue 31 Dec 2019 No change
Wed 1 Jan 2020 Thurs 2 Jan 2020
Thurs 2 Jan 2020 Fri 3 Jan 2020
Fri 3 Jan 2020 Sat 4 Jan 2020

Please ensure your bins, boxes and bags are presented at the edge of your property by 7am on your amended collection day.

Normal collections will resume on Monday 6th January 2020.

Recycling wrapping paper and Christmas cards

Recycle wrapping paper and Christmas cards with your cardboard. We cannot recycle foil wrapping paper, glittery wrapping paper, glittery cards, ribbons, bows and tape.

What to do with extra recycling over Christmas?

Put extra recycling in a sturdy bag or small box (please keep each material separate) and place beside your red boxes and bags. Please flatten or cut large cardboard into pieces no larger than 1m x 1m.

Christmas tree recycling

Please cut your real Christmas tree into pieces and put it in your green bin for collection throughout January 2020. Make sure all decorations, tree stands, pots and netting are removed.

If you don’t have a green bin please take your tree to Princes Drive Recycling Centre in Leamington Spa or Cherry Orchard Recycling Centre in Kenilworth.

Check your collection changes online

Warwickshire County Council seeking views on health and wellbeing in your area

A survey has been launched by Warwickshire County Council (WCC) to find out more about the health and wellbeing outcomes, and factors affecting them, for residents of this area.  The survey is available here.

Warwickshire County Council (WCC) and public sector partners recognise that the needs of different communities throughout the county will vary depending on issues such as the population age, infrastructure, community safety, jobs, housing and many more.

The survey forms part of a larger project to gain more insight into life in Warwickshire’s communities called the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (“JSNA”).  Together with other data the survey results will feed into a local needs assessment, which will lead to recommendations for improving local health and wellbeing.

All of this information will be available to WCC and its partners when commissioning new services or reviewing existing ones.  The information will also be available to local voluntary and community groups, to support funding applications for example.

Please take the opportunity to complete the survey and help to inform this important piece of work.

If you would like a copy of the survey in a different format please contact